Corporate retreats are receiving a makeover, no longer strictly focusing on unwinding from weary work…but instead on creating cohesion, sparking creativity, uplifting morale—and ultimately motivating your company to move forward with a fresh collaborative energy! 

For companies that work remotely, interacting face-to-face can augment future online interactions—as well as elicit excitement! Traditional teams, on the other hand, can shake up their routine during a retreat—to stop motivation-killing monotony and breathe new life into their office rapport.

Planning for one of these refreshing retreats requires a lot of attention in numerous aspects. Eventually, you’ll reap the fruits of your labor and likely feel revived, but it is important to realize that the process itself can be quite exhausting. For those who are ready to take on this task—take a look at the list below and start planning! 

If you would prefer to try another approach, hire a destination planner and watch your vision come to life! In that case, pin down what your vision actually is by asking yourself the questions below. Then, communicate your answers to your planner— It’ll smooth out the road to success so they can craft the most enjoyable experience for your budget!

What Is Your…

Overall Goal?

Before diving into anything else, ask yourself— “What do I want to accomplish for my company with this retreat?” If team building is your target, you may want to plan up to a full year in advance to ensure all parties can be there—enjoying equally lax workloads!

Are you looking to celebrate past performance, or gas up your current trajectory? Strengthen your shared vision, or perhaps specifically spark individuals’? Hone in on your objectives before anything else—so you can plan for both productivity and playfulness!

Intended Budget?

Consider the size of your company and the setting you imagine being both the most conducive to your corporate aims and enjoyable for everyone involved— Does that include partners and children?

You can save a considerable amount of money by “retreat”-ing during the off-season, and booking accommodations near an airport can offset flight costs! If you have big dreams but are concerned about your budget, there are often lesser-known low-cost options that share similar attributes with sought-after destinations.

Realistic Timeframe?

After pinpointing your goals and budget, decide what the ideal length for your retreat is, taking these aspects into consideration—along with the amount of time you can actually afford to pause your operations!

Remember that traveling to your destination will take time. Travel time can even vary from person to person if you host remote workers from different places—so make sure the vacay is long enough to feel like an actual retreat and not just an arduous voyage!

Where Will You…

Retreat To?

The overall goal of a company retreat is to strip away the “corporate” cloud while spending time around the same folks. Rather than a ritzy location, try an area with a more laid-back or adventurous atmosphere!

If you are choosing to go international, ensure that everyone’s culture, sexuality, religion, etc will be accepted where you’re going! That way, everyone feels more comfortable. Combine that with a serene spot and you’ll see confidence bloom—and comradery flourish!

Lay Your Head?

Providing beautiful spaces for your employees to spend intermittent “me-time” is just about as important as your communal company environment! Show them that you care by booking accommodations with luxurious details that subtly communicate your appreciation.

Before you book, take a virtual stroll on Google Maps or sift through online reviews, confirming the quantity and quality of nearby shops and spots…unless you are having a natural adventure—in which case firepits, hiking trails, bodies of water, and a lack of bears should work just fine!

Eat and Drink?

Don’t forget that food and beverages are often better at bringing people together than just about anything! Boxed lunches are so last season… Give your employees even more reason to savor the experience by surprising them with decadent catering!

As far as finding the perfect catering company, think about your theme first. Then, start scouting around! Your venue might be able to give you some yummy suggestions, or you can always consult your pal Google. Make sure every employee can indulge—taking dietary restrictions seriously! 

How Will You…

Transport Everybody?

Limos, SUVs, coaches—oh my! It is important to provide reliable transportation to and from accommodations and activities, as well as around the area. Taking care of all transportation ahead of time prevents unexpected costs and delays—promoting continuous bliss.

Certain sites will even give you a discount package if you book lodging and transportation at the same time! In all honesty, though…calling up a corporate destination planner is your best bet. They’ll have you riding like the wind in style— It surely won’t be their first rodeo!

Structure Your Days?

Balance is key when it comes to scheduling out a retreat! Unstructured free time is just as necessary as adventurous affairs or taking care of business. You can always mark activities as optional or mandatory—allowing introverts and extroverts alike to thrive in their own ways!

Asking employees to contribute to team activities, no matter if it’s teaching a leisurely ski lesson or giving a speech, helps motivate them to make the most of their time. When an employee feels valuable at your company’s getaway, they are likely to bring more value to your company after getting back to work!

Avoid Misunderstanding?

Communicating early and effectively is vital to your plans being carried out peacefully. You can get employees even more excited by asking for ideas! The more they talk…the more interested they’ll be to ultimately listen up about the details and plan accordingly!

Once you’re all set to go, it’s a good idea to host a Q & A session to ensure everyone is on the same page! As far as transport and rooms go, you may be able to collaborate with an agency and supply a code to employees for self-booking on the company dime—providing convenience and preventing miscommunication! 

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