Coloradans are a vibrant bunch! Although there’s something for everyone in each Colorado mountain city, it would be a pity to ignore the unique personality each one brings. If you don’t know which town to choose, take a look in the mirror and then take a look at our list of silly stereotypes in Colorado and their ideal corporate retreat locations!

The Major Ar(CO)na

The Ski Bum: Copper

Can’t get your head off the slopes? Copper Mountain’s three peaks are oriented especially for you—so you’ll never have to. With virtually 360-degrees of skiing and snowboarding possibilities, you can take in all the mountains have to offer and pursue the powder your heart desires.

Your “ski bum” stereotype may appear to not care about grooming. Copper Mountain knows the truth, though. You care about it an awful lot, but it’s the terrain that you want to ensure is ‘scaped. Luckily, Copper Mountain Resort grooms its terrain better than most any resort in the industry!

Avid skiers tend to also enjoy avidly getting lifted. There are lifts a-plenty at Copper Mountain, and they’ll get you to the top of the territory at high speeds!

Since your priorities lie within shredding and not the hustle, you might be on a tight budget. Copper’s got your back with inexpensive slopeside lodging in three base areas to suit your taste. You can even keep those skis on—without emptying your wallet—in an affordable ski-in and ski-out abode.

The Highbrow Handicrafter: Boulder

Boulderites boast artistic skills and get thrilled about culture! If this sounds like your tribe, give living in Boulder a try—and you’ll never leave. Bring your craft to this table and the erudite Boulderites will eat it up! Meanwhile, they will satiate your music, film, and performing arts tastebuds with festivals, museums, and galleries.

Hipsters love a good fixie ride, so they made getting around town on one easier than ever. Highbrow infrastructure crafters designed Boulder for cyclists, and then went ahead and asked its abounding artists to pretty it up. If art and wheels give you lofty feels, and you want to see street performers on every corner, try living in Boulder—It will deliver the most eccentric and elegant goods!

The Rugged Urbanite: Denver

Some of us want the best of both worlds, craving urban amenities while housing the heart of a mountaineer. If you’re one of these rugged urbanites, Denver is the place for you! Easily bare your chest as you conquer the wilderness by day, and whip out your comb to city-slick by night in this urban mountain oasis.

Denver has that big-city diversity—If you open your heart to your fellow humans just as big as you open it to nature, you belong in this town. The arts scene is also booming, so if you channel the inspiration from your rugged adventures into a sophisticated artistic medium, you’ll fit right in. 

Get the rustic feel of historical vestiges to complement your pioneer-like exterior, and satisfy your inner softy with chic and trendy urban pockets. For background music to your double life, head over to Red Rocks Amphitheater to listen to the biggest tunes of our time!

The History Buff: Breckenridge 

Are you a history buff? You know—those guys that are always going on and on about how things came to be? If so, Breckenridge is the place to be. Its history is oh-so rich and the remnants are there to prove it, so suit up and get mining for historical gold!

I advise all prospectors of history to start their stampede towards a home in Breckenridge immediately and get panning for factual nuggets. Here’s one to tide you over: The famous 13-pound gold nugget “Tom’s Baby” was unearthed in Breck in 1887! There is a lot more where that came from, so you’d better start digging.

If you take pride in spouting the accomplishments of others, Breckenridge will give you the bragging rights you seek. This town boasts the first post office between the Continental Divide and Salt Lake City and aired the highest chairlift in North America in 2005!

The Fun Uncle: Keystone

Kids just want to have fun! If you’re that uncle they are always stoked to see, Keystone will have them asking their parents if they can live with you instead. Have heart, though, because Keystone’s awesome activities will surely tire them out, ensuring their parents won’t want to give ‘em away—so you can enjoy the high jinks and avoid the dull things that come along with children, like discipline!

Keystone is the winter wonderland the youth yearn for: sleigh rides, a giant fun-filled snow fort, tubing, and a chance to walk over the (frozen) water of Lake Dillon—so they’ll think you’re a god! If your niece has an attitude, take her to the Dillon Ice Castles and she’ll “let it go” while realizing her dreams of becoming Elsa. In their awe-struck noggins, these adventures will be associated with you!

Even the most fun of uncles need a time-out, so instead of putting them in one and spoiling your fantastical facade, you can drop them off at ski school or let them loose at Keystone’s Kidtopia to pet avalanche dogs and get into crafty activities. If their parents told you not to let them out of your sight, fear not—here’s a stiff solution to melt your headache: Sneak a mimosa into your brunch at one of Keystone’s kid-loving cafes. 

The Minor Ar(CO)na

The Aquatic Aficionado: Buena Vista

Secretly a sea animal? Get aquatically acrobatic in the alluring waters of Buena Vista, where the bodies of water look so beautiful, its name is “beautiful view” in Spanish!

The Mountaineering Maven: Frisco

If you’re an avid adventurer, making “The Main Street to the Rockies” your home base is your best bet for actualizing all your affinities!

The High-Class Highlander: Aspen

If you have lots of dough and love the snow, ski high-up and stay high-class by settling on “Billionaire Mountain”!

The Tree Hugger: Carbondale

Just like you tree-huggers, Carbondale does all the things it’s supposed to minimize its carbon footprint—living up to its name!

The Party Animal: Steamboat Springs

Travel and Leisure listed Steamboat as one of the “World’s Craziest Party Towns”. Party on, you animal!

No Coloradan is alike, but it’s amusing to get analytical with archetypes. Of course, finding the perfect fit couldn’t hurt—but no matter where you are in Colorado, there’s something for everyone!